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About Hormone Coaching

Hormone Coaching Sessions to Balance Your Energy Glands with Dr. Richard Shames

Some of the ways Dr. Richard Shames can work with you include:

  • Discussing your risk factors for Energy Gland (thyroid, adrenal and sex glands) Imbalance
  • Offering advice regarding lab tests your local doctor should order for you to obtain a proper diagnosis or make your treatment more effective.
  • Understanding your lab tests, including interpretation of lab work
    already performed.
  • Reviewing the best standard and not-so-standard treatments that you may want to pursue
  • Exploring how your thyroid, adrenal glands and sex glands interact with each other -- and which tests and medicines may be needed to treat these additional problems and re-balance your energy gland system.
  • Discussing your options as far as prescription medications for balancing your thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands-- finding your best dose, brand, or mix of medicines
  • Boosting the effectiveness of your medication with natural therapies and  alternative medicine
  • Understanding how to improve your underlying autoimmune condition
  • Exploring lifestyle and mind-body issues that contribute to or help balance thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands and autoimmune disease
  • Coaching sessions will help you find the treatment that's right for your own particular endo-type.

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